Being Portugal and the Amorim Group the world leaders in cork, the Amorim family manages more than 12,000 hectares of cork oak forests.

The Américo Amorim Group is also currently active in Mozambique and Brazil.

In Alentejo, you will find in its majority cork oak trees, complemented with vast areas of holm oak, olive trees, and other crops, both in arid and irrigated lands.

The future sustainability of cork is imperative for the forestry development, as such, over the last decade we planted over 1 million of cork oak trees.

Associated to this unique ecosystem is also the hunting activity, with reserves for both large and small game, providing a wide variety of animals.

The proximity of the Alqueva Dam allows areas of natural pasture ideal for cattle farming.

In the Douro Region, the Amorim Group owns the estate ‘Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo'. It was founded in 1764, and it is one of the eldest in this demarcated region. Its main activities are rural tourism, viticulture and agriculture.

Agriculture is the most recent commitment to investment in Mozambique, in the Zambezia region. This project has a time horizon for the farming of around 19,000 hectares of land, with various crops, in particular soya bean, but also rice and beans.

In the Maraú property, in the coastal region of Bahia in Brazil, there is an extensive coconut plantation with more than 120,000 coconut  trees.