• 1870 • Foundation

    António Alves Amorim.
    1st cork bottle stopper factory in Vila Nova de Gaia.
  • 1922 • The 2nd Generation

    The founding of the Amorim & Irmãos Lda., which was the first cork bottle stopper factory of the Amorim Family.  
  • 1953 • The 3rd Generation

    José, António, Américo and Joaquim join the company's board.

    Under the guidance of Américo Amorim, begins a long process of change of the Portuguese Cork Industry.

  • 1963

    The founding of Corticeira Amorim.
  • 1981

    The founding of SPI (known today as BPI - "Banco Português de Investimento").
  • 1984

    The creation of BCP.
  • 1987

    Joint venture with the Accor Group.
    The acquisition of the estate "Herdade do Peral".
  • 1989

    The acquisition of the estate "Quinta do Mosteiro de Grijó".
  • 1990

    The creation of BNC.
  • 1991

    Becomes one of the founding shareholders of Telecel.
  • 1992

    The creation of Amorim Imobiliária Holding.
  • 1995

    Becomes one of the shareholders in the acquisition of Petrogal.
  • 1999

    The setup of Natureza Holding SGPS, incorporating brands such as Quinta Nova, Burmester and Gilberts.
  • 2003

    The acquisition of stake in Banco Popular Español.
  • 2005

    The creation of Amorim Energia and the acquisition of a third of a stake in Galp Energia.
    The creation of Banco BIC in Angola.
  • 2007

    Enters the Luxury goods through an acquisition of a  stake in Tom Ford International.
    The setup of a real estate in Angola.
  • 2008

    The creation of Banco BIC in Portugal.
    The creation of a real estate in Brazil.
  • 2011

    The creation of Banco Único in Mozambique.
  • 2012

    The acquisition of stake in Banco Luso Brasileiro.
    Reinforcement of the stake detained in Galp Energia.
  • 2013

    Amorim Energia issued a €400m bond
    exchangeable into Galp Energia.
    This issue was awarded by IFR: "EMEA
    Structured Equity Issue of the Year 2013".