At this moment, as the new generations of the Family are called to undertake further responsibilities, we believe it is important to state that Americo Amorim Group will remain fully committed to enduring the consolidation of its role in the Economy, respecting the values of the Founder: solidity, accuracy and work, and pursuing his strategic vision of success.

"Boosting the economy is a superior act, that a Man with talent and ability has an obligation to pursue so as to contribute to the society of the future..." (Américo Amorim).

For us, nothing is more rewarding than continuing the work of a singular entrepreneur such as Américo Amorim.

We are certain we shall measure up to the present and the new challenges that we will be faced with, reassured with the contribution and dedication of our entire organization - who has already proven a high proficiency level.

We look to the future with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.

Paula Amorim